Sunday, 26 February 2012

Secret Project - Update

I've been working on a secret project, unfortunately a number of factors meant that it took a bit longer than I expected.

My secret project were lavender scented heart hangers for little William. I was a bit apprehensive as I wanted them to be decent, as I know that what Sarah produces is amazing - but have to remember this is only the third time I've made something!

Firstly I ordered some lovely material from Brenda Higgs, but then realised that some of the other components which I needed, such as stuffing, were packed away somewhere amongst all the boxes waiting for the move. So I had to go back on line and also down to the shops to get the rest of my materials.

Then my lovely husband got a nasty stomach bug, so things were put on hold while I tried to look after him and also keep from catching it!

Finally I got to grips with the cutting out and sewing of my project. It looked really good until I turned it right side out, then it looked awful.

This was becaus it involves curves!! Something I'd never done before!!!

So I made a prototype one out of one of them that I'd already cut out and sewn, ripped it apart and practiced and practiced!! There was nothing in my books to tell me what I was doing wrong and I was seriously contemplating only ever sewing straight lines!!!!

Then I did what I should have done in the first place..... researched the internet!!! I found a great website called which provides online sewing classes for free and also a great demo on YouTube (although I've lost the link!!).

Basically I realised that (once again) its all in the preparation and learned about clipping the fabric when you are sewing curves. This also gave me a chance to test out my new pinking shears that I bought from Ikea!!

This time it worked alot better (although its still not as perfect as I would like!) and they were all ready to be finished off.....

Then I got a rather nasty virus which has wiped me out a bit, but I'm pleased to say I'm alot better now and managed to finish off the project.

I'd say I'm about 80% happy with them, Sarah has been really kind about them, and I hope they brought a smile to her face! At least she can hid them in William's wardrobe LOL!

I'm not cracking on with the petal pillow which is going really well and I'll update soon!!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Things I want to make

I've got so many things I want to make that I thought I'd put my thoughts down in writing.

I've added the website so you can see whether what I make actually looks how it should!

Lets see how many of these I complete and I bet I add more to it during the forthcoming year!


Basic Bunting for Evies Room

Heart Hangers / Lavender Hearts

Christmas Tree Bunting and Tree Decorations Inspired by some I saw in Laura Ashley

Felted Christmas Wreath from

Envelope Cushions

Felted Circle Cushion from maybe maltida blog

Bean Bags

Food and Drink

Limoncello from Kirstie Allsops recipe on (when packing for moving house I found that we had about 5 unopened bottles of vodka so probably will be making alot of this in the summer!!)

Beauty Stuff

Bath Creamers from Kirstie Allsops Craft Book

Sugar Body Scrub from a recipe on


Paper Bunting

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Welcome to my Blog Eek!!

Welcome to my first ever blog and first every blog post!

I've always enjoyed "having a go" at crafty pursuits such as kniting, baking, homemade beauty treatments etc, as most of you will know I'm not the most creative or natural at this craft lark!

I am very lucky to have a dear friend, Sarah, who is amazingly talented and has a great eye for colours and what works together. Before she moved to Jersey, we used to have a great time getting stuck in on making all sorts of things under the guise that it was our daughters craft time, when in reality the girls used to get bored and go off and play whilst we got stuck into the crafting!!! (Sorry for letting our secrets out Sarah!!!)

I've really enjoyed reading Sarah's blog over the months and, despite being many miles away, through her blog she continues to inspire my crafty side.

I had been "lucky" enought to inherit a Singer Starlet sewing machine about 20 years ago from my Grandma, but had never been brave enough to use it.

There are so many things on my list of things to make (although my ambition outstrips my ability!) that I decided I would start learning to use my machine.

After downloading numerous sewing guides and borrowing some library books. I gave the Starlet an overhauld and it runs like a dream (once I'd figured out how to thread it!)

I started by following the machine practice tutorial on the Make it and Love it blog. This gave me the chance to practice the various stitches, tension and stitch lengths, as well as backstitch which I had been puzzling over!.

Being impatient I decided that my project would be the giant pincushion from the book the busy girls guide to sewing which I would use as a cushion for one of Evie's baby's.

I quickly realised that the most important bit of sewing is the preparation in marking out and measuring correctly. For a first attempt I'm pretty pleased with how it came out but my hand sewing to finish it off lets it down a little.

Next on the list was a drawstring bag to go of the back of Dolly's pushchair, so that Evie could put all her small toys in there and cart them wherever she wanted.

After trawling lots of sites I found a good tutorial for a easy as a cinch drawstring backpack, again from make it and love it blog.

I spent my time reading and re-reading and was really chuffed to have made it in one evening and think it turned out pretty well.

The finshed products in situ!!!

I'm now looking for ideas for small projects before I attempt making some curtains, cushions and bunting for Evie. I'm currently trying to track down a couple of metres of felt as I've found a lovely cushion tutorial which I'd like to try.

In the meantime I must try and get some more miles in running as I can't seem to shake this virus off and I've signed up to do my friends insanity workout as often as I can, apparently it pushes you to the limit. Then I can eat more chocolate!!